Choosing the Best Shared Hosting on a Flooded Market

Nowadays, many Web Hosting Companies are offering countless hosting plans for personal and organization purpose. Therefore, as a webmaster, you will definitely find the platform that will suit your business needs. However, we suggest, before you decide on the type of hosting you want, carry out a diligent research so that you will not make a mistake in choosing the wrong web hosting provider. Simply because there are also many counterfeit hosting providers that promise what they cannot accomplish. Many display services and platforms that attract customers, but how would you know the ones that will live to their expectations? That is why it is very helpful to read our editorial in order to help you get the best Shared Hosting provider and platform. Keep reading this piece or article and you will categorically get every useful information and strategies.

What is Shared Hosting?

A shared web hosting serverWhen multiple Websites share, or use the same (one) server, then it becomes or refers to as “Shared Hosting”. This is merely a web hosting, whereby the hosting company offers Internet pages for several different Web sites, with each one having its own Website domain name from only one Internet hosting server. A large number of Web hosting firms offer similar services.

Although shared hosting is an economical way for businesses to create a Web presence. It is generally not appropriate or suitable for Websites with massive traffic, because it distributes the space and memory capacity of the computer, allowing each user to take advantage of a certain amount. This means more backing, easier use and cheaper. However, Shared hosting server is perfect for a beginner.

In other words, when you have created your desire website, of course, you will store it on a solid computer or CPU. This process is the same as an office whereby web searchers can access it. The name of the machine that store and process your files are the Servers. However, customers often keep away from paying for the entire hosting server inasmuch as the price or membership fees are quite expensive, on the other hand, they may not have the ability to put it to use adequately. For this reason, they deal with or get in touch with agencies that buy and then hire out server space to customers based on their specific expectations. This is also a process known as “shared hosting”.

Other Highlights

Every web hosting company presents specific hosting packages. Many present different kinds that one can select, every one of them provides specific features and functions that enable you to customize your program. Most of these contain principal performance in routine.

How it Works?

Top Shared hosting providers will be able to suggest the best and appropriate type of programming for your online business site. By spreading the components of one particular hosting server along with many other end users, it will be easier to make use of the features you require at a reasonable rate. It is actually suitable for small enterprises, or simply people who are merely starting. With the excellent options and benefits available through shared web hosting program, it is possible for you to begin your website, which is not only appealing and engaging but then gives your visitors the amenities they desire. This hosting service supports straightforward informative sites or moneymaking e-commerce sites and in the position to give you the power to advertise or display and market your product or service.

Provider Founded Uptime IT-Security Servers Rating
HostMetro 2012 99% 256bit Shared Web Hosting. 10/10
ServerPoint 1998 99.9% 256bit Shared Web Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Cloud VPS Hosting, Windows Cloud VPS Hosting and Dedicated Servers. 10/10
WP Engine 2010 99.9% 256bit Shared WordPress Hosting and Dedicated WordPress Servers. 10/10
BlueHost 2003 99.9% 256bit Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting and Reseller Hosting. 9/10
InterServer 1999 99.9% 256bit Standard Web Hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting, ASP.NET Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Linux Cloud VPS, Windows Cloud VPS and Dedicated Servers. 9/10
Host1Plus 2008 99.99% 256bit VPS Hosting, Cloud Servers, Shared Web Hosting and Reseller Hosting. 9/10
TMDhosting 2007 99.99% 256bit Linux Shared Hosting, Windows Shared Hosting, Linux VPS Hosting, Windows VPS Hosting, Cloud Sites, Dedicated Servers, WHM Reseller Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Drupal Hosting, Joomla Hosting and Magento Hosting. 9/10
iPage 1998 99.9% 256bit Shared Web Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting and WordPress Hosting. 8/10
A2Hosting 2003 99.9% 256bit Shared Web Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting, Managed VPS Hosting, Cloud VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting. 8/10
InMotion 2001 99.9% 256bit Shared Business Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Enterprise Hosting, Reseller Hosting and WordPress Hosting. 8/10

What are the Important Things to Know?

Let assume, you have carried out your research and finally land on one of the providers. Yet, you need to know few things you may be missing if you fail to read this article and get the best service provider for your web hosting process. Many webmasters sign-up with some providers they see through advertisements or promo show on TV or radio, only to end up waste or lavish their hard end cash. We suggest, do not ever carried away by all these various advertisements, because many are fakes, they only want to fool you and sweep away your money. This is why we do our diligent research and compile the article that will help you obtain your heart desire, based on the best Shared Web Hosting Strategies.

So, having read this, we strongly suggest that before you sign-up for a Shared Hosting, check for these important features, such as;

What is Web Hosting?

What is Web Hosting?Web hosting is the most frequently used strategy to introduce your Website or your blog to the online world or Word Wide Web. There are many varieties of web hosting servers for your private or just for commercial use. One must learn and understand the main features about this procedure to make the best selection of the provider offering the web hosting that your Internet site demands.

Web hosting is the procedure through which users or visitors of the online world will efficiently browse through the Internet service. A web server is a computer system that passes the data or information to a personalized or a company web page to the Internet. Web hosting firms give servers to their potential customers with the possibilities of displaying data, documents, images and bandwidth for the visitors their Website or weblog generates. This can be an easy approach for anyone to add his or her creations, items or even personal highlights on the Online World.

Web hosting is classified according to the operating system of the server PC & overall performance. Depending on the OS of the server PC, you will discover generally two types of web hosting, such as:

1. Windows Hosting: The hosting in which the server PC is operated with Windows. It is an appropriate option if you intend to apply .NET, ASP, gain access to data source & many other Microsoft services. The principal problem is that, it provides inadequate permission to access Telnet, SSH, CGI, Perl and so on.

2. Linux Hosting: The hosting with a Linux operated server known as a Linux hosting. This is more widely used, compared to Windows hosting for its own security and safety, permission to access telnet, SSH, CGI, Perl etc. But, in the case you intend to go with ASP or gain access to data source, Linux hosting is not suitable for you.

Types & Options Overview

Generally, apart from the Shared Hosting services, we have different types of Web Hosting and they intended for various purposes.

Reseller Hosting: This is a bundle making it comfortable for the major customers to resell the web hosting products and services. This is suitable for major users who prefer to establish or create their own Web hosting affiliations or perhaps web creations or anything else. The internet hosting items that are often resold include things like; virtual private servers, dedicated servers and shared internet hosting information.

The resellers distribute the bandwidth and the hard drive space given or allocated to them; in that case, they have the ability to resell to other people. Resellers are intermediaries or agents between the major web hosting company and the third-party account operators or holders.

This type of hosting is an excellent opportunity for internet marketers to make money online by establishing their personal web-hosting firm.

VPS Hosting: VPS just means Virtual Private Server. This server is an arrangement of shared and dedicated hosting and the remarkable thing is that VPS is economical than both the Shared and Dedicated server, yet the VPS does enormously great works, this making many website administrators transferring over to VPS.

VPS is of two brands: Windows VPS and Linux VPS. For logical reasons, Windows VPS are more popular because it is compatible with various applications and programs and thus it serves for diverse use of the society. Windows VPS hosting is a common choice now for all small and medium scale enterprises and businesses. Major reasons behind the people’s likeness towards Windows VPS is due to cheap in price, rich in features, cool to use interface.

Dedicated Server: A lone web-based server within a specific network is termed a Dedicated Server Host. These servers are dedicated to specific clients or customers by the hosting company and both the big and small associations can use it. Dedicated website hosting is a method of Internet hosting, authorizing any particular person or online business to host one particular site or numerous websites on a single hosting server with no other website relating to other webmasters as created and hosted on the very same server. With this genre of hosting service, the consumer rents the complete server. This does not use any sharing server with any person.

Cloud Hosting: This application intended to run a website with comfort. Its main purpose is making the website meet with enormous traffics and yet breaks through and given it full access. No matter how the website traffic compactness is, Cloud Hosting will keep it running efficiently. Having this program on your website, you eliminate any breakdown or slowing attitude of your site completely.

This platform also makes it artless and imaginable to discover various servers at diverse locations. Furthermore, the tool is an actual method of verifying that the website is right and running on 24 hours at all times. It is a perfect tool for a website, which deals with enormous traffics. The transformation between the Cloud hosting and the customary hosting are minor, but the Cloud Hosting provides customers with high-class and advanced features that were absent to webmasters in the previous time.

How to Choose the Best Hosting Provider?

As you are preparing to embark on the best shared hosting plans, you have to be very mindful of the types of hosting companies you will plunge into their hands.

The starting point that a person must embark on before selecting or buying the highest quality web hosting service, for either small business or private websites, will be to sign up a website domain. The minute you integrate this properly, it is advisable to migrate to assess the type of information your present and upcoming future requirements is going to be. It is very important to understand that the web hosting is required in modifying periodically; the things you consider necessary and very useful at present could also be antiquated or out of date and even inefficient the next day. Lastly, it will be beneficial to create a financial strategy immediately and then start considering ideas to follow it.

Have an in-depth look at the internet hosting services and popular features and benefits of the provider you intend to allocate these specific tasks or obligations to. The paramount services to think about consist of the amount of bandwidth and disk space you want to get from the host. The minute your website begins to strengthen, the essential thing you are required to figure on is bandwidth or data transfer usage. Disk space is a hindrance for the majority of websites, except if video sharing features are obtainable and there are many videos included. The host must confirm that they will enhance their bandwidth at some points.

Broker Phone Live Chat Email Response Time other Rating
+1 800.485.9730 12/7 [email protected] Up to 2 hours no 10/10
+1 888-605-6775 24/7 [email protected] Up to 1 hour Tickets 10/10
+44 20 3770 9704 24/7 [email protected] Over 24 hours Contact Form 10/10
+1 844-303-1810 24/7 [email protected] Over 24 hours no 9/10
+1-877-NJ-COLO-1 24/7 [email protected] 10-15 mins Contact Form, Fax 9/10
+44.8708200222 12/7 [email protected] Within 10 mins no 9/10
+1 888-771-5990 24/7 [email protected] 15-20 mins Contact Form, Tickets 9/10
+1 877-472-4399 24/7 [email protected] Over 24 hours Contact Form 8/10
+1 888-546-8946 no [email protected] Over 24 hours Contact Form 8/10
888.321.HOST(4678) 24/7 [email protected] Up to 2 hours Skype 8/10


Shared web hosting is the greatest solution for small business owners with moderate visitors. You will discover so many of the best shared hosting providers presenting this plan together with different features much like unlimited email accounts, unlimited bandwidth, and cost-free domain name hosting. This specific hosting plan is appropriate for websites or blog sites that do not demand plenty of hard drive space and bandwidth. Utilizing this program, you share and enjoy server space with many other internet sites. If you happen to be a small venture or an average size enterprise in this case shared server hosting will likely be well suited for you, or if perhaps you feel that you are merely wanting to share or publish your recreation or leisure activity or even passion on the internet then simply shared hosting is typically an excellent choice. Shared hosting is attractive and cost-effective if at all you obtain it from the right source, then you will certainly ripe all its functions.

Many firms are interested in small and mid-size business web hosting at inexpensive prices or fees. Shared hosting is the best alternative that will help you save money and time. It is actually less expensive and even bestows various functions, which include Ruby on Rails, MySQL, and PHP among others. You can easily design websites, blogs, forums, and chat spaces on just one account. It happens to be the most well liked and most affordable, compared to other fee-based hosting packages.

The charges for a shared hosting policy varies according to the number of sites hosted on a server. Owing to its affordability, this program is suitable for everyone who either possesses undersized businesses or operates non-profit organizations.